Fulfilling International Orders on Your Own

When customers inside and outside your country purchase your products on Verylocals, one way to fulfill these orders is to ship them yourself nationally and internationally. There are several things to consider when shipping internationally direct to your customers.

Sending your products internationally direct to your customers

If your inventory is located in a different country than the marketplace where your customers placed their order, you need to ship the product internationally to your customer. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. The seller chooses a carrier that can ship internationally.
  2. The seller ships the product and is the exporter of record.
  3. The carrier acts as the broker by default, according to the terms and conditions on the freight bill. The carrier will collect duties from the buyer upon delivery of the products.
  4. It is also important to manage customer expectations. You should provide customers with accurate information about the country from which you are shipping your product. Specifically, you need to accurately state the “shipping from” country in your seller profile and manage customer expectations by stating the actual shipping times from your country. You will be responsible to meet the shipping expectations for all orders you receive.


Important: Do not expose customers to customs delays and additional duties and taxes on their products. It is your responsibility to take care of such matters when you ship the product.


International shipping times

Fulfilling an order internationally will take more time than doing so domestically. Shipping times are reflected in the offer detail page and may make your offer less competitive relative to domestic counterparts.

Shipping to


United States











India Post

Blue Dart


Local Delivery customer experience

Customers in your country shopping on Verylocals.com are able to see your offers ship to them faster, and usually they are less expensive as your products are delivered within the same country. They can see these delivery benefits on the product detail page and the offer listing page. They can also find your products in the search results by using the Ships Locally filter. Products included in the Ships Locally search results display a fast local-shipping message. Your products might also appear on the merchandizing pages relevant for customers in your home country.


Being an Verylocals Seller, you can choose to store, pack, and deliver your products to the customer on your own by using a third-party carrier or your own delivery associates.

Advantages of using Self-Shipment are as follows:

  • Flexibility to use delivery associates or courier services
  • Option to set your own shipping price



You will store your products




You will pack your products using Verylocals packaging material or your own packaging material



You will ship your products to the customers


Ideal for: Large-scale sellers with warehousing and delivery networks OR owners of shops, kirana stores, or stores who want to sell to nearby pin codes and can delivery same day/next day using delivery associates/courier services.

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